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What happens after A Breach?

digital forensices & discovery

Computer, network and cyber investigation services to help companies get a handle on evidence and data after a security breach or incident. Computer forensics is primarily focused on assisting organizations with network breaches. Specialists will help determine how a breach happened in a computer network system and the main objective is to look at digital breaches and hacks that have already happened and learn from them for the future. It is most likely when the data breach ends up in court, this will be significant evidence. Courts recognize the importance of accurate e-discovery and could help to defend any sanctions.

Our team of certified e-discovery experts can collect and preserve data in court admissible forensic images and forensic collection is the way to prove to the Court that the information you provided during discovery was complete. Our Cybersecurity experts work to keep hackers out, while computer forensics experts will focus on how to move forward once a hacker has been successful with the Breach. These two teams work directly together in keeping cyber criminals out. Our cybersecurity team will specifically create security systems to keep data and information secure. If their efforts fail, a computer forensics team finds how the breach happened and works to recover the data.

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